Jul 23, 2008

Spray Blasts Off Apartment

A man in New Jersey ended his fight against household pests by blowing up his own apartment! What? Isias Vidal Maceda, the man, was actually spraying some chemicals in his kitchen. But due to his ignorance or any other reason, the spray ignited a blast that blew out his apartment's front windows.

The blast also triggered fire that quickly spread and destroyed 80% of Maceda's apartment at Eatontown, New Jersey. Police told the New York Daily News that the Saturday blaze also caused some smoke damage to the apartment above. Luckily, the man escaped the blast without any injury.

So, next time, when you go for spraying, don't forget to call the fire fighters! Just kidding. At least try to stay away from the possible sources of ignition and gas leakage. This will save both you and your house.


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