Jul 26, 2008

Cars and Car Repair Estimates

I love cars and driving is my passion. So, I love to keep my knowledge about cars updated. Recently, I found an interesting online service called RepairPal, that provides independent car repair estimates, reviews and advice. Moreover, it offers all the relevant information related to car repairing and maintenance. RepairPal was created in 2007 and ever since it has helped thousands of people by providing accurate and free car repair estimates and expert advice. If you are in US, then you must check this online service.

RepairPal have the most comprehensive auto shop directory in US. Auto repair shops can be located in your area, by entering the city name or ZIP code on their search tool. You can also refine your search by entering some keywords related to your car or shop name. The search results are great and shows the shop locations on Google maps. Those maps will help you in understanding the route and exact location about the shop.

Their RepairPrice Estimator is a cool and handy tool, that you can use to get an estimate for a upcoming service or repair on your car. Just enter the make, model, year of manufacture and service type along with your correct ZIP code. The estimator will give you the best Car repair estimates along with a list of auto shops in your area. The good thing is that they also provides some expert recommendations for your repair. You can save all your car services to your own page on RepairPal, that you can access any time.

Need some expert advice for your car? Just take a look at the "Expert Advice" section on their site and you will get to know about some common problems associated with your car. In case of critical questions or problems, you can take help from their experts by asking direct questions. This is really a helpful feature and I am sure that you are going to love it.

Not familiar with all the auto related terms? Need some explanations about auto repair terms? Take a look at their auto repair encyclopedia. I had very little knowledge about car Brakes. So, I used their auto repair encyclopedia and found some good information about car Brakes and Brake Pads replacement.

RepairPal is not affiliated with any car manufacturer, dealership or shop. But, it provides the most accurate and unbiased information about the auto repairs and auto ownership. You can use it to find relevant auto repair information or to store all your auto repair records in an online location. They will inform you about the upcoming oil change or auto service via email. So, RepairPal is definitely a handy tool for better management of your time and auto repair records. And the most interesting point is, you are getting all these services free of cost! Use RepairPal today.


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