Jul 30, 2008

Accused Dog appeared in Court

A dog in India has appeared in the court, after it was accused of breaching the peace of locality. Chhotu, the dog, appeared in a crowded court on Thursday in the town of Purnea, Bihar.

According to a district official, the court was compelled to issue a summon to the seven year old dog, since police found that it was a threat to peace and law and order situation of the locality. In the court room, Chhotu behaved gently and did not bite or bark at anyone. Chhotu's lawyer Dilip Kumar Deepak said that jealous neighbours are trying to steal the land papers of Rajkumari Devi, the owner of Chhotu. So, the dog protects it's owner by biting those who tried to break into the house.

Well, the case will continue and Chhotu has been ordered to appear in court again on 5 August, together with his owner. Earlier in 2003, a magistrate sentenced Chhotu to death, as neighbours complained he had gone mad and bitten several people. Well, Chhotu was luck that time and animal rights activists saved his life. via BBC news


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