Jul 30, 2008

Blogging and Free WordPress Themes

I like Blogger platform because of it's simplicity and ease in blogging. This is the right platform to start blogging, without spending a cent. But, if you want to utilize the power of blogging, you will need some extra features that are absent on this platform. In my view, the best blogging platform in the world is WordPress. That's why, apart from this blog and a few other blogs, most of my blogs are powered by WordPress.

There are many advantages of the self-hosted WordPress blogging platform. Well, I am not going to discuss all those advantages on this post. Because you can check them by visiting WordPress.org. One thing I like about WordPress is the themes. They offers lots of options to personalize and optimize your blog. Even you can create a static portal or a news site with the help of a right theme, which is not possible with Blogger.

You can either choose a free theme or a premium theme for your WordPress blog. Premium themes comes with lots of features and customization options. But, to use them you need to spend some money. They are perfect if you want to create an unique and professional blog. On the other hand free themes means they are 'free' for use on blogs. There are thousands of free wordpress themes available in the web. All you have to do is to find the best and suitable theme.

But, how you are going to select the best free theme for your WordPress powered blog? Where you will find best free themes? Here, I would like to mention about Top WP Themes (www.TopWpThemes.com), a site dedicated to professionally designed free WordPress themes. On their site, you will be able to browse, test drive and download good quality themes for free. You can browse themes by category. For example, 2 columns, 3 columns, fixed width, right sidebar, widget ready etc.

Well, if you are new to WordPress and don't know how to install a new theme, then you must check their step-by-step guide on WordPress Theme Installation. This guide comes with some screenshot and nicely tells how to add a new theme to your blog. For any kind of help regarding themes, you can visit their support section.

My personal favorites regarding WordPress themes are the 2 column themes with right sidebar. What about you? Just browse the free themes on Top WP Themes. I am sure that you will find a suitable one for your blog.


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