Jul 25, 2008

Worth of a Bed Tester's Bottom

A bed tester in UK has just got his bottom insured for £1million. A bottom worth a million! Can you believe this? Sounds strange, but it is true. Graham Butterfield, 54, works as a sales director for Silentnight, a Lancashire-based bed firm. But, now he has became official "Bed Bouncer" at the factory in Barnoldswick after it emerged that his bottom was more responsive than the norm.

Butterfield's bosses said that his hypersensitive rear was so reliable in recognizing the different fillings in their mattresses that product developers began to consult him on new products. So, the bed firm got the bottom insured for £1million. It means that, in the event of Mr Butterfield's buttocks being damaged in an accident, insurance company Zurich will pay up to £1million.


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