Jul 24, 2008

Cancer treatment with Tobacco

Tobacco is injurious to heath and it may cause cancer. I think, every people know this fact. But a recent work by researchers from Stanford University in California reveals that tobacco may actually offer the means to treat cancer! What? Is it possible? Read on.

The researchers used the tobacco plants as factories for an antibody chemical specific to the cells which cause follicular B-cell lymphoma. Then, these antibodies are put into a patient newly-diagnosed with the disease, to "prime" the body's immune system to attack any cell carrying them. If successful, this would mean the body would then recognize and destroy the lymphoma cells.

Dr Ronald Levy, who is leading the research, said: "It's pretty cool technology - and it's really ironic that you would make a treatment for cancer out of tobacco. That appealed to me."

Well, this experimental vaccine has only been tested on a limited number of patients to check for any side-effects of using plant-produced antibodies. So, its effectiveness at fighting the deadly disease is still uncertain. Link


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