Jul 21, 2008

North Pole Marathon

The North Pole Marathon is one of the world’s most extreme marathons! It is run at the top of the World, that means at the exact Geographic North Pole. The length of the race route is 26.2 miles (42 km) and is run on the frozen Arctic ice floor with only about 6-12 feet of ice separating the runners from 12,000 feet deep Arctic Ocean. This is the only marathon in the world that is not run on any land.

The first North Pole Marathon occurred in 2002 when the race director covered the distance alone. In 2003, the first exploratory competitive race was advertised and attracted ten competitors. There were further races in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008 making five competitive events to date. The race is now an annual fixture on the international marathon calendar and 127 people in all have successfully completed the event.

Well, running in the North Pole Marathon is not so easy. You will need to run at wind chill temperature of –30C or even below. The whole course will move with the direction of the Ocean current during the race. So, you will feel like running on land at the exact same longitude and latitude coordinates where you began. So, you will need good training, proper gears and a good health to complete the 26.2 miles distance. Well, the race organizer wants everybody to finish this amazing race. So, there is generally no cut-off time of major significance.

The next North Pole marathon is provisionally scheduled to take place on 8th April 2009. Competitors will leave Spitsbergen on 7th April and return to Spitsbergen on 9th March, therefore spending about 36-48 hours in the polar region. Want to join them? Visit www.NorthPoleMarathon.com or www.NPMarathon.com for more information.

Watch a short video on the North Pole Marathon:


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