Jul 21, 2008

Fake Robert de Niro caught in Romania

Real Robert de Niro

A fake Robert de Niro, who is actually a member of an east European forgery ring, has been arrested in Romania. The man was dressed up like the Hollywood star with a designer suit and sunglasses , butt got caught when he tried to pass himself off during a routine police roadside vehicle check.

Police officers in Iasi, Eastern Romania, instantly knew that something fishy was going on when he called himself Robert de Niro, the renowned Hollywood actor. A search of the man's home later exposed him as part of a forgery gang that had been helping provide fake Romanian ID's to people from Moldova wanting to get work in western Europe.

Police officers said: "We knew that Robert de Niro would not be driving alone around a remote part of the country. We guessed he was an imposter."


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