Jul 17, 2008

Learning Poker Strategies Online

Poker is a popular card game in which players bet on the value of the card combination or hand in their possession. One wins a poker game by holding the hand with the highest value according to an established hand rankings hierarchy, or by remaining in the hand after all others have folded. It is an interesting game and people love it both as a recreational and professional game.

Want to become a successful poker player? Nice! I am sure that it will require you to master the best strategies of the game. Where you will learn all those strategies? Not sure? Then visit Poker Strategy (www.PokerStrategy.com), the best poker school available online. They offers free strategy articles, coaching videos, live-coaching, poker software, industry news and lots of other interesting stuffs both for beginners and professional players. They also have a forum that discusses all kinds of topics related to the game.

Poker Strategy has an unique business model. It is designed to help both sides. After sign up, you need to start with the beginners section, which will provide you with the basic knowledge about the game. Then, they have a reward system that you must use to get more benefits. You will earn StrategyPoints by playing at one of their partner poker rooms. The more you play, the more StrategyPoints you will get. Depending on the points you have collected within the last four weeks, you will get one out of seven possible ranks or status. And your status determines what kind of material you can access on their learning school. Higher status will allow you to access more poker strategy articles, discussion boards, software and coaching sessions.

The good thing is that PokerStrategy invests $50 as starting capital in every new member. So, if you are serious about the game, then they are the best point to start. With their $50 you can learn the game without making any deposits. And if you play well, they will give you additional $100 as bonus. So, you will get $50+$100 to play online poker game, that is too without any obligation. Can you believe this? Will you find this kind offer on other sites? I don't think so. u

So, if you are serious about improving your skills, then you must join them today. On PokerStrategy, you will not only learn to become a good poker player, but will also get best support from their professional coaches and experts. Since 2005 they have been providing free poker education to people from all over the world. Now, this is your turn. Get registered today!


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