Jul 13, 2008

Mount Sanqingshan National Park

The Mount Sanqingshan National Park is located in the Huyaiyu mountain range of the northeast Jiangxi Province, China. This park got a position in the UNESCO's World Heritage List because of it's unique array of forests, fantastically shaped pillars and peaks, that are located in a relatively very small area.

This 22,950 ha area contains all total of 48 granite peaks and 89 granite pillars. It's peak pillars range from 10m to over 100m tall. The 1,817 metre high Mount Huaiyu is a prime attraction of the Mount Sanqingshan National Park. It also features numerous waterfalls, lakes and springs. Some of it's waterfalls are 60 metres in height.

The Mount Sanqingshan National Park offers an ever-changing and arresting landscape with bright halos on clouds and white rainbows. It is also rich in ancient trees, rare flowers and the remains of ancient Taoism culture.


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