Sep 16, 2007

Degree in YouTubology!

A California college has recently introduced an academic course about watching YouTube. This could be the first of its kind in the World. About 35 students of Pitzer College meets in a classroom, but they work mostly online, where they view YouTube content and post their comments. Class lessons are also posted to YouYube and students are encouraged to post videos. Class members control most of the class content and YouTube watchers from around the world are encouraged to comment.

Alexandra Juhasz, a media studies professor at the liberal arts college, said she was 'underwhelmed' by the content on YouTube but set up the course, 'Learning from YouTube,' to explore the role of the popular site. She hopes the course will raise serious issues about YouTube, such as the role of 'corporate-sponsored democratic media expression.'

YouTube is 'a phenomenon that should be studied,' student Darren Grose said. 'You can learn a lot about American culture and just Internet culture in general.' Link

* The YouTube video posted here is just for information purpose and itis not related to the course!


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