Sep 11, 2007

Explorer of the Seas

This is one of the most amazing cruise ships ever built. It is "Explorer of the Seas", one of the five voyager class cruise ships from Royal Caribbean International. Voyager-class ships are the third largest passenger ships in the world, after Cunard's Queen Mary 2 and Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas. "Explorer of the Seas" has everything you need from an ice-skating rink to a rock-climbing wall, swimming pools to Casino, Royal Promenade to Library and the list goes on. It is 1,020 feet long and has 15 decks. This monster ship weights about 138,000 tons. It can accomodate 3,114 guests in it's luxurious rooms. This cruise ship is so high-tech, it even features the University of Miami Ocean Lab, a state-of-the-art oceanographic and atmospheric science lab. Take a look at some images of this ship.


Giacomo said...

Beautyfull result of materials, design, colors, lights... Luxury and elegance together. Our job is work for welness and luxury in bachstage, as project integrator.
Compliments to all staff.
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