Sep 2, 2007

No 60GB Playstation

Sony has decided to stop manufacturing the 60GB units of Playstation 3. From now on, Sony will manufacture the 80 GB units only, according to a statement made by Sony communications officer Dave Karraker. "We no longer have any inventory in SCEA warehouses. All inventory has been purchased and shipped to retailers," he said.

Earlier this month, Sony announced it would be cutting the price of the 60 GB PS3 by $100, and that it would launch a new 80 GB version of the system.

So Sony's plan was to phase out the 60 GB PS3. The 80 GB console has a retail price of around $600, the same price as the 60 GB model when it was launched.

There are thousands of 60 GB units on store shelves across the country, and they will continue to be sold at around $500 until existing inventory is depleted. After a few days all these will be replaced with the new 80 GB model of PS3. Link


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