Sep 13, 2007

Man with Chronic Cough

Coughing for a long time is annoying for eveyone of us. But, do you know that Nicholas (57), who works at the University of Central Lancashire, has been coughing for the past 13 years? He coughs about 100 times in an hour. During morining hours only, he gets relief for a few minutes. Otherwise he coughs throughout the day.The only way he can manage his condition is to constantly chew gum.

Nicholas, who lectures in TV production, said: "I've seen various consultants, undergone countless tests and tried everything from acupuncture and homeopathy to new drugs but nothing has worked."

"It's very debilitating. I probably get about 15 minutes in the morning before it starts. Then I'll cough for about an hour or two and it will continue throughout the day.

"If I wake up in the middle of the night and start, there's no way I'll get back to sleep. I lecture large groups of students and the only way I can do my job is to chew gum, something I personally find quite offensive."

This condition of coughing, which has many potential causes, affects between 10 and 20% of the population, with some sufferers kept awake throughout the night as they cough up to 500 times. Nicholas, has recently been referred to the North West Lung Centre at Wythenshawe Hospital, which has started a new programme of research with Manchester University to develop treatments for chronic cough. The centre has developed an 'ambulatory monitor', for patients. Doctors are appealing for more patients to help their research. Anyone with a persistent cough who wants to help with the research may call the North West Lung Centre on 0161 291 5034.


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