Sep 9, 2007

Zebra Crossing for Penguins

Now the Penguins have a zebra crossing for their safety! This is the news from a zoo in Living Coast, Torquay. During the feeding time, the Penguins becomes excited and bumps into visitors, while coming towards the keeper. So, the staff has decided to make a zebra crossing for these cute Penguins. Atleast, this will alert the visitors about the Penguins. But the good thing is that the Penguins have now learned to use the crossing and are a regular sight waddling across the road in line. The crossing even has miniature red triangular warning signs, showing two Penguins.

Senior Head Keeper Tony Durkin said:

"We believe this is the world's first zebra crossing for penguins. Our penguins are only 2ft tall and when they see the bucket and their keeper they do tend to get excited. It's hard to teach a penguin road safety, but the zebra crossing does alert visitors to the fact that the birds cross there. They live on Penguin Beach but are fed in the public area which means a fair bit of to-ing and fro-ing. The crossing has been put down to show visitors where the penguins cross the public walkway and to emphasise the need to take care. It was a road safety issue so we asked the council to help by bringing in the road painter."



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