Sep 9, 2007

Flowers Banned in Hospital

Dorset county hospital in Dorchester has banned flowers as gifts to the patients. The reason? Flowers may posses health risks, as they may contain harmful bacteria. But they do allow box of chocolates, books and fruits. This action may sound odd to many people. As, it is like a tradition to take a bouquet of flower, when visiting a patient.

Alison Tong, director of nursing in the Hospital said:

"Also, people are not in hospital for long stays now so they can enjoy flowers more at home. Patient feedback tells us that people prefer to receive flowers when they are back home as it is difficult to transport flowers home after a stay in hospital." Link


Anonymous said...

What a load of nonsense, This is clearly just to stop the nursing staff have to take time to put flowers in vases. Just another move away from patient care to nurse efficiency by administrators who are only interested in maximising the nurses time to do administration.

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